About Brett J. Trout, P.C.

Brett J. Trout P.C. provides legal services in the following areas:

Patent, Copyright and Trademark

We provide a full line of intellectual property services, ranging from procurement to protection of all types of intellectual property. Our intellectual property audit is a low-cost way to inventory valuable and intangible assets of your company.


From implementing a website to conducting online transactions, there are many legal issues that a company must address. By identifying these issues early, a company can avoid pitfalls and move forward with the business of servicing its clients.

Software Licensing

Unlike most contracts, software contracts deal with intangible rights, which could easily be lost if not properly maintained. We draft and negotiate contracts relating to software development, licensing, protection and maintenance. As nearly every software deal is different, we focus on your specific needs and draft appropriate contractual language to accomplish your unique goals.

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